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Accelerated analysis with the ImageXpress Confocal High-Content Imaging System




The ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System from Molecular Devices UK Ltd uses a seven-channel laser light source along with eight imaging channels to allow highly multiplexed assays while retaining high throughput by making use of shortened exposure times.

Water immersion objectives ehnace image resolution and reduce aberrations to allow scientists to see deeper into thick samples. With the help of a simple user interface and machine learning capabilities, the dynamic combination of MetaXpress® and IN Carta® software streamlines operations for better phenotypic categorization and 3D image analysis.

Enable greater assay flexibility

Eight imaging channels with laser excitation enable more assay flexibility, flexibility to use targeted imaging such as QuickID, and higher image brightness.

Automated Water Immersion objectives provide a matched refractive index and larger numerical aperture between the sample and the immersion media for fewer aberrations and improved resolution.

Increase throughput with higher quality images

For extremely precise and reproducible image analysis, a micro-lens enhanced spinning disc confocal provides a flat field of vision. Shorter exposure times produce up to a two-fold boost in scan speed. FRET experiments that made use of lasers for CFP and YFP help expand research.

Accelerate analysis speeds

The IN Carta Image Analysis Software performs tricky classification and segmentation. Phenoglyphs offers a robust trainable classification, and SINAP provides trainable segmentation for any image type.

With MetaXpress® PowerCore Software, users can accelerate analysis speeds by 40x with multi-threaded, parallel processing. Experimentation duration is reduced from hours to minutes, eliminating the bottleneck of 3D analysis.


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