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NanoZoomer S60v2MD slide scanner system




The IVDR-compliant NanoZoomer S60v2MD for the EU is suitable for operation in clinical laboratories and hospitals.

The technology enables whole-slide imaging for in vitro diagnostic use.

Both regular and large-sized slides can be scanned in one batch.


  • Scanning speed in 20 × mode (15 mm × 15 mm) at approximately 60 seconds
  • Scanning speed in 40 × mode (15 mm × 15 mm) at approximately 75 seconds
  • Maximum 60 standard-sized slides with dimensions of 25.0 mm to 26.0 mm × 75.0 mm to 76.0 mm
  • Maximum 30 mega-sized slides with a dimension of 51.0 mm to 52.0 mm × 75.0 mm to 76.0 mm


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