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Next Generation Reverse Transcriptase—HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase (R201)




HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase is a novel reverse transcriptase cloned from the M-MLV (RNase H-) Reverse Transcriptase. Its thermo-stability is significantly enhanced in comparison with the earlier reverse transcriptase.

The half-life of HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase at 50 ℃ is greater than 240 minutes. Even at 55 ℃, it can be stable for a long time, which significantly helps the transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structures.

Additionally, it has enhanced cDNA synthesis efficiency and template affinity. The HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase can be used for long-fragment cDNA amplification (as long as 20 kb) and offers good resistance to many RT-PCR inhibitors.

Product advantages

  • Half-life exceeds 240 minutes at 50 ℃ and 60 minutes at 55 ℃
  • Higher detection sensitivity, higher tolerance of impurities, molecular diagnosis-preferred reverse transcriptase
  • Can be used for rapid reverse transcription, as a 10 KB long cDNA can be synthesized in 5 minutes


It can be used for reverse transcription of plant, animal and microbial RNA.


It is cloned from M-MLV with enhanced reverse transcriptase gene and purified from E.coli.

Unit Definition

One unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme that incorporates 1 nmol of dTTP into acid-insoluble material in 10 minutes at 37 with Poly (rA)-Oligo (dT) as the template/primer.


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