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The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support




The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support is designed to manage carpal tunnel. It helps reshape soft tissue in and around the carpal tunnel to reduce hand pain. It absorbs the stress and strain exerted on the wrist and enhances blood circulation for quick recovery. It is hypoallergenic and latex-free and reduces skin irritation. Customers say that it is a comfortable, effective, and affordable brace that has helped them to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is made of soft, breathable material and has adjustable straps that allow users to customize the fit. It is also machine-washable and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Carpal Solution Wrist Support Benefits

  • Relief without surgery
  • Worn while sleeping
  • Stops hand pain in days
  • Allows the user to return to restful sleep
  • Eliminates tingling
  • Comfortable – not a restrictive brace
  • Hands can be used freely during the day
  • Clinically documented
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free

NOTE: Product is Non Returnable in case it is opened


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