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XPR Automatic Balances from Mettler-Toledo




The XPR Automatic Balance from Mettler-Toledo allows users to gain a level of weighing accuracy that is unrivaled by manual procedures. A very small sample amount can be dispensed at the readability of 2 µg, thus making sure that rare and costly substances are utilized economically.

The automated method not only saves time but also provides highly reproducible outcomes because of the manila effect of external sources of error on the weighing process.

Users no longer have to spend long periods of time carefully weighing out small samples. They can just enter the preferred amount on their XPR Automatic Balance, and the accurate amount will be dispensed instantly into their container in a completely automated process.

With the integrated sensors, samples can be dispensed in even the smallest tare containers, fully preventing sample transfer and its associated errors.

For precise, efficient and highly reproducible weighing processes, users can select automated weighing with the XPR Automatic Balance.

Automated weighing: efficient and safe

The XPR Automatic Balance is very simple to operate. Laboratory technicians can provide precise and reproducible results safely and efficiently, without undergoing any training.

Fewer errors and less rework

Automated dispensing reduces variability and generates highly reproducible results. About 50% of the out-of-specification errors can be prevented, helping to avoid expensive reworking.

Economical substance usage

Automated dispensing with the XPR Automatic Balance decreases the minimum net sample weight by up to 30%. This saves up to 75% of users’ rare samples or costly substance, and thus offers a fast return on investment.

Maximum user safety

Toxic and dangerous substances pose a threat to health, even as low as nanogram exposure levels. Automated dispensing along with the XPR Automatic Balance considerably decreases the risk of operator’s exposure to hazardous samples.


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